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Hi. I’m Mike Cernovich. I own several different websites and maintain and update them while traveling the world. “Have laptop, will travel” is my business motto.

Running your own business online teaches you a thing or two about marketing.

I share those thoughts on marketing and also post my travel pics and thoughts here.

Welcome to!

  • cheryl holmes

    Hi Mike found your web site for red skin syndrome and Wow was I happy to see that i am not the only one suffering though this hell. I’m currently on prednisone and cannot stop without a third degree flare. When I get to a better place financially I hope to wait out this hell. Only those who have suffered with this can fully appreciate the thoughts of suicide associated with this pain. Thank you for sharing. I will take some off your veiw points into consideration. How old were you when this redness started occuring?

  • Timothy

    Hey Mike,

    I don’t want to buy your new book through Amazon, are you going to have a direct system so that I can just give you all the money?



    • I hadn’t planned on an e-Junkie release but may do so due to requests.

  • Wendy case

    Hello. My husband is a retired military guy and we are looking at him working one more year to pay off debts. We have a friend that will be soon retiring in Vietnam. What we want to do is have Saigon be our :home: and from there be abke to travel as we want to. With his retirement and cost of Saigon we could live to Vietnam.. I am just a bit overwhelmed on what is best way to start.. For one thing we would not have a home in the US to come back to. Been renting a decent house in Seattle for 16 years. One big obstacle is getting out of our 2 leased cars. 🙁 any advice on making this huge to connect with Americans who are there now and so forth would be great! Any help! Thank you! Love the food so no problem there 🙂

  • Wendy case

    Also any good recent books for someone like us? Thank you!

  • Peter

    I just heard you state on Alex Jones (3rd of May) that “the NY Times is basically run by the Saudis”.
    How can an intelligent person take you seriously when you make this kind of statement – in a knee jerk manner.
    Are you just another shill – like AJ and JPW – deflecting attention away from Israel and its never ending crimes. It certainly looks like it.
    In all the time I’ve listened to you I have never heard you ever mention Israel or Mossad.

  • Brian J.

    Goedel Escher Bach…great book.

  • Karl

    Hi Mike, here’s a new petition

    We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue:
    Appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the murder of Seth Rich, the alleged Wikileaks email leaker
    Created by J.F. on May 19, 2017

  • dan smith

    hey mike,
    watched yesterday infowars w/webb, goodman on wasserman….no one mentioned the call to attorney elizabeth beck where wasserman disquised her voice, but forgot to blank out her phone number….secretary took a pic of it on caller id…article on gateway pundit

  • Bat Man

    VERY URGENT!!!! TELL Mr Cernovich!!!!
    Corey Stewart Must AUDIT EACH and every vote.
    4323 votes was the amount that he lost by.

    In Virginia there has been a history of fraud and equipment error.
    Plus his competition had Bush money which always includes x CIA operatives who have an arsenal of computer hackers, equipment experts etc.
    So as a former voter fraud investigator I have always found 3 to 15% error and fraud.
    This is the time to fight like hell!!!
    Audit every single vote.
    Look for Democrats who are also Rep.
    Double votes. Mail in , on line and walk in.
    Subtract the non- resident vote.
    LOOK VERY CLOSE at the military mail in vote. a lot of fraud happens there because no one ever thinks false balots exsist in that pile of mail.
    Close inspection of chian of custody of data.
    Where are the hard drives? Mail in ballots?
    Study and test / verify voting machine certification and repair log.
    Many/most machines never get serviced right. They just ut them back into storage.
    The other team was Bush/deep state …..they cheated…..
    The law says the sec of state must keep all records for 2 years.
    They usually destroy the evidence.

    99.9% Chance fraud happened.
    BUSH family are globalists.
    Personal friends of the Rev Moon Cult, which is the North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un’s CIA spy arm.
    100% FACT…….we know many people who worked for MOON.
    One World Order…..daddy Bush was all in.
    So, they donated money and x -CIA to fix this.
    WE MUST FIGHT FOR TRUTH and we can not lose our state of Virginia to the Globalist.
    Corey Stewart WON THAT ELECTION.
    as Stalin said” It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the vote the decides any election”

    • Bat Man

      4323 VOTES THATS ALL

  • Rob

    Heard ya say on Infowars that you wanna focus on bringing CNN down. I was listening to MLK speeches the other day… real simple method to finish them off. Perhaps it is time that they feel our pain, economically. Announce it on Infowars Show a few times a week- pick out one of CNN’s sponsors, and lets all coordinate writing letters, calling, emailing one of CNN’s sponsors each week. Telling them that as long as they support this assault on the people, in the form of misleading and fake information, that we wont support them. Simple. We just need a voice like MLK that can reach millions, to coordinate our efforts.

  • Jerry Giovannelli

    Mike, hope all is well.


  • Hello Mike!
    I’d like to share with you my new song, Lunatic Liberals. I hope you dig what you hear!

    Take care,

  • Kevin Lebeck

    Mike, when will you start talking about the true projects that the deep state are doing to humans and that’s MIND CONTROL.
    Do you know about the Sue Ford story?
    Buy the book ” Thanks for the memories” the Kissinger/Bob Hope connections.
    You open up this can of worms Mike, you open this up and you will reach people on a deeper level. If you truly want to go after this wickedness, speak about this subject on a ongoing basis. Have Sue Ford on your show.

  • Diane Cernovich

    I was really planning to start juicing.Want to get rid of diabetes.Hope you will release book again.Thanks.

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