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How to Get a Million Visitors to Your Website: Part 1




I flopped around the Internet for years, learning the ropes and learning how to write. If you count posting on internet list-serves, I’ve been writing online since 1999, and I started my first blog in 2003. Oh how time flies!

In 2014 I had a great year, with my websites getting millions of page views and almost two-million unique visits.

This traffic may seem small compared to, say Vox Media or the Washington Post. Or it may seem like a lot of traffic if you are just starting off.

There’s a difference between your sites’ traffic and a mega-site’s traffic.

Let’s say you’re in fitness and you write an article for a fitness site that does more views in a couple of days than I do in an entire year.

That site is the place to be. Well, it’s a great place to write if you’re the corporate overlord. It’s not a great place to write if you have your own brand and don’t want to insert links to products you might not believe in.

Or maybe you write for Men’s Health. You pretend that the cover models are 100% all-natty-brah so that testosterone boosters can be sold to teenagers. No thanks!

Why not be your own brand?

I am my own brand. People who come to my sites go there for one reason – to read what I write.

I also earn money when I endorse a product. If I sell an eBook or affiliate market a product, the money goes into my pocket.

There’s nothing magical about what I do. In fact, if you are in the fitness industry, you could blow away my traffic as people love reading fitness articles.

Hint: The three most-common New Year’s resolutions concern health/fitness, making money, and relationships/getting laid.

Write about those topics and watch your audience grow.

Political articles are especially popular. If I wrote about socio-political matters, my traffic would increase by tenfold.

My traffic isn’t to make me look cool. It’s to prove that, yes, you can do whatever you want on the Internet.

When “writer x” loses his job at a magazine or mega-blog, he loses his audience.

One “writer” for a Gawker site lost her job. She had to start a Tumblr site, as she had no idea how to create a webpage. After begging for freelance work for several weeks, she was able to land another job as a corporate slave making barely above minimum wage.

I will never lose my audience.

These stats emphasize why you should write under your own name rather than pitch articles.

Choose yourself.

If you do pitch an article to a mainstream organization to obtain social proof, make sure you have your own web presence.

  • Step 1: Sell out to get your name out there.
  • Step 2. Have a website so when people read your articles at Mega Corp Dot Com, they’ll follow you to your home.
  • Step 3. You never have to sell out again!

The end game is for you to become your own brand.

You want people coming to a website for one reason only – because YOU are the main event.

Anyhow, here are some of my site stats. Even if I never posted another word in 2015, my numbers will exceed those of 2014.


  • 4,500,000 page views
  • 1,430,000 unique visits
  • 305 articles published
  • 5,500 newsletter subscriptions
  • (All of my subscriptions are opt-in. I never add anyone to my email list and hate when people add me to their lists.)


  • 796,000 page views
  • 357,000 unique visits
  • 77 articles published

Why did Danger & Play’s traffic grow so much?  It’s not just that I published more articles.

I am going to smash 2014’s traffic numbers. I’ve only posted 28 times as of mid-March. If I keep that pace up, I’ll end 2015 with around 100 or so posts with massive traffic growth.

I’ll write more about how I grew my traffic and what steps I’m currently taking to grow traffic.

Mike Cernovich Podcast

2015 (first year of podcast)


  • 414,000 page views
  • 222,000 unique visits
  • 10 posts published
  • Product released: Juice Power


  • 268,000 page views
  • 156,000 unique visits
  • 43 posts published

As you can see, my traffic to Fit Juice increased while my posting decreased. (I actually spend less than one-hour a month on Fit Juice while earning enough cash to make a large mortgage payment.)

Anyhow, there’s the raw data.

In the coming weeks I’ll discuss the keys to traffic growth.

(I don’t currently share income data as I’m not in the Internet Marketing business. What I earn is my business. I will say this: As of Dec. 2014, I have been able to I live 100% off of my websites.)

You can be a one-man operation and still have millions of visitors to your websites.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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  • It’s very cool.

    I floundered around for years too, and I don’t know why it took me so long to fully understand some of these basic principles. But that’s life I guess, you can read the books or the articles but often it takes actually fucking up to learn it properly.

    Congratulations on your success so far Mike, here’s to hoping for a lot more to come!

  • AP

    Interesting article, Mike.

    How much roughly do you spend in Vietnam to live a comfortable life?

    I remember back when I was in Thailand for a few months, it wasn’t very much…Although I was training Muay Thai in the mountains…

    • I don’t live in mountains (though that sounds nice).

  • I knew that you have been writing online for a long time but I had no idea you started back in ’99.

    I would be interested in hearing how the topics you have written about have changed over the years. One of the biggest obstacles I have noticed is figuring out what to focus on. I keep trying different things and learn that some things I just don’t enjoy writing about.

    • I used to post on fitness message boards. Then I wrote about law. I even used to write about cigars. Your interests will change, evolve, and sometimes devolve. Just keep at it.

  • Great post Mike, I can’t get enough data on this stuff, especially from succesful sites. Seems like the keys for you in 2014 were number of posts published (300+ is insane) and your twitter presence. I cracked 100k last year, this year I’ve got my sites set on 500k, definitely some things to think about here.

    As for said Gawker writer, I actually feel sorry for these girls, first then they’re brainwashed by institutions then they’re thrown up on the front lines of the culture wars to take insane amounts of abuse and compromise all standards of journalism for minimum wage.

    They grind out posts in their virtual sweatshops for 3 years tops, probably have a breakdown every 3 months and end up getting canned, replaced by a newer model and having nothing to show for it but a tarnished reputation and a battered ego. By the time they see they’ve been used it’s too late. For the Nick Denton’s of the world, with their $300,000,000 net worth its about nothing but money. If this were the 1950’s he would be closeted and his site would be a proud purveyor of family values.

    • If they think they’re going to pimp Nick Denton rather than the other way around, they are twits not worthy of pity or a second thought.

  • Jim

    Does blogging generate more revenue than legal services?

    • Depends on who is the lawyer and who is the writer. I still have my law license and can refer out cases, so in my case it’s not mutually exclusive.

  • Anon1

    Inspiring as usual Mike, really makes you think its all about integrity, reputation and having something worth saying that can help people.

    I’ve found recently focusing less on the fact I want to earn and more on how I can solve problems people have based on my experience had changed my mindset a great deal. There’s no question I have those ‘passive income’ day dreams like everyone else but I need to solve peoples problems with my experience and integrity if I want to be making it rain so to speak

  • Jim

    I’m a Scorpio man and I think ideas and writing are like war-5% do all the killing and the other 95% hide behind cover. That’s just life.

  • Great article, can’t wait for more.
    Really like your idea to create a brand instead of creating multi-writer corporation.

  • Mike

    Mike, I discovered Danger and Play about a year ago. Your site really gave me a kick in the ass and got me out of a slump. I’ve derived a good amount of value from your writing and podcasts. It made me examine the way I thought. Sometimes I’d agree, sometimes not, but I’m grateful that it challenged some of my assumptions and preconceived notions.

    I’m glad to see you are starting to travel, and live abroad. It definitely helps expand the mind, and gives you a different perspective on a lot of things.

    If you ever plans to travel down south, specifically Buenos Aires give me a shout, I’d be happy show you around. You can take my email from the comment form and contact me whenever.

    PS – I’m using the same template for a site I’ve been redesigning. Your site looks good!

    • Sounds fun. Argentina is on the agenda for 2016. Also, thanks for the kind words! Glad to hear you are making great progress.

  • Mike

    I must be doing something so incredibly wrong it might just be record setting. I was writing for other fitness blogs and getting a lot of attention initially (about 4 years ago), so I decided to “become my own brand” — so far right on track with your blog post. But, despite better and better content, as well as what I would call “revolutionary” discoveries that have been confirmed by MANY recent scientific studies some 5-7 years after I put them into practice, my traffic just languishes. It was never big (in the 100’s per day) but now I can’t even generate that.

    I sure hope you post more soon –for the last year or more, I feel like every marketing effort I make has the OPPOSITE effect in terms of creating more buzz and interest. I know what I have to say is worth hearing — but after finding your blog I am more sure than ever that I have no fucking clue how to make people want to hear it.

    looking forward to learning more from you — I’ll be catching up on your prior stuff while anxiously awaiting future posts on this topic. Thanks.

    • Jon, I googled your name and the site that came up looks horrible. It looks very scammy actually. You need to give it a makeover.

      I also had to dig to find your blog. This is what your blog URL looks like.

      Who will remember that?

      OK, enough free advice. Get to work on a redesign (you can do it yourself using Thesis or Genesis). You may even consider buying a new domain and doing a rebrand.

      • Mike

        thanks for the feedback — unexpected but much appreciated. Someday I hope to figure out a message that science actually (overwhelmingly) supports almost the exact opposite of what you’ve been taught for weight loss and fitness that doesn’t appear scammy — that’s been my albatross for sure.

        You never would know I had a successful sales/marketing career in the corporate world before EET — but I did. Those skills certainly have not translated online.

        Definitely looking to do a reboot of some sort – first digging deep to study and try to learn the many things I clearly don’t know about success online– which is how I found you actually. First step getting out of the hole is to stop digging, right? Thanks again.

        • one more thing–my blog is actually

          Based on some “expert” SEO advice, I thought I was helping my hits on my website using a link to a intermediate page that then took you to the separate wordpress blog.


          • Amazon ran some tests and every time a person has to click, you lose 50% of your readers. That’s probably not exactly true for a site, but it is true that intermediate pages are bad for a lot of reasons and will cost you users.

        • Online is a different animal from traditional sales and marketing. Treat is like an entirely different area.

  • Hi mike, you are totally right and a living proof that having your own brand is very important.

    Based on the fact that D&P traffic rised in 2014 it’s logical that Fit-Juice ‘s traffic would rise because as i can see D&P has direct links to fj.So even if you didn’t post much there its traffic rised. Or did fit juice grew on its own?

    Additionally, you started making money from your website(to fully live by) in 2014. That’s about 15 years after you started online or 11 after starting your first blog.
    I mean this is not so encouraging for someone who wants to enter in the online business. However it depends how “serious” you were in the beginning of your blogging.

    • I never tried making money online until recently. I’ve always had something to say and always been able to build an audience, though. Guys who want to start generic sites with “life hack” tips and recycled / copied fitness content are going to have real problems building an audience let alone making money.

      • Damian

        Sure you might not have tried to monetize your site but i think your 10+ year experience made it possible to 1) first get so much traffic and 2) be able to fully live from your site.

        Do you think it would be possible to do the same on the beginning? I guess you know 100x more stuff now comparing to 1 year after you started.

        All content is recycled. Fitness advice, marketing advice…everything written is recycled and kind of “copied”. The only unique content is personal experiences.

        • No, not everything is copied. Go look at Fit Juice. Those are all juices I’ve made personally. Every recipe is 100% me.

          Does that mean no one else has made those same juices? Of course not. Many people will make the same discoveries.

          When I do adopt something others have written, I also give credit. For example, “my” state control exercises are based on the NLP book.

          Damian, I clicked on your site. You have a post about 3 muscle building foods. That is fucking lazy. End of story.

          It should be “33 Foods” with pictures of you cooking the foods and your actual recipes and be 5,000 words at least.

          When someone clicks on that, sees it talks about the power of meat, eggs, and fish…Why would they stay?

          That is generic content that adds nothing new to the discussion.

          Here is what I would tell you and everyone else who starts a blog and can’t built an audience. Stop being fucking lazy and derivative. Raise your standards.

          Think, write with passion, and speak from the heart.

          Add to ideas rather than copy. Yes, eggs are great. Everyone knows this. Saying eggs are great is nothing.

          Now do you cook eggs in coconut oil with curry powder on top of them? Well prove it. Post your pictures.

          That is how you go from a generic derivative copycat to YOU.

          • Damian

            Did you read my comment mike? I said that the only unique content is that which comes from personal experiences! So yes if you experimented alone for hours with juice recipes then your recipes are unique. However i am sure you have read other people’s recipes and tried them so some of yours originated from others ideas. Just like their ideas came from someone else.

            “It should be “33 Foods” with pictures of you cooking the foods and your actual recipes and be 5,000 words at least.”

            My blog isn’t relative to cooking and doesn’t have intention to give food recipes that’s why i didn’t do that, but i can understand your point.
            However i am not sure if you want to help me with your advice or just offend me for being “lazy” and a “copycat”. Anyway thanks for sharing your honest opinion.

            PS:Not everybody knows that eggs are great.We may think its obvious, but many think that they are bad for your cholesterol as i explain in the article.

          • Sounds like you have it figured out. Best of luck to you.

  • Theo

    He just got a $10,000.00 consult for free and is still not happy….

    Lesson learnt. When life does you a solid, be humble enough to receive it.

    • Yeah, he’s probably butt hurt and will never read or comment again, though, so I’m glad to have given the consult!

  • bear

    Just curious – how do you generate enough income from your sites – to maintain a decent standard of living? Is that from affiliate marketing and your juice book or are there other sources that are not overtly obvious?
    This really intrigues me because for the first time I am beginning to see that if a man truly does have something unique to offer the world -he can make a living from blogging and websites.

    • Affiliate marketing and book sales. Plus I’ll get enough from Gorilla Mindset to carry me through rest of the year. I also turn down consults, but could some nice coin consulting.

  • bear

    On another note: I was watching a You Tube video tonight of a Q& A with Dan Kennedy ( copyright/marketing guru) . One thing that stood out to me was when he said ” don’t wait for the money to change hands before you begin the process of educating” . He then went on to say you do this whether or not they buy from you or not. Companies/people that do this always stand high above the competition. Its really about maintaining an abundant mindset and a genuine heart for wanting to help people out. Practiced consistently its obvious the money will then naturally flow. Too many people fail to grasp this concept.Instead they are always looking to grab as much money as they can while giving shit in return.
    One thing that Ive noticed over the year(s) reading your blog – you have always had an abundant approach. Many could learn from this – it would benefit their blogs/web endeavors immensely

    • Dan is good. Frank Kern also has some good articles, and Jeff Walker is my favorite by far.

      • bear

        I checked his blog out. He’s got solid advice + he emanates very positive energy.

  • Thanks for sharing some data, always fun with concrete numbers. Recently took the step myself to buy a couple of domains and try out some ideas. Really weird how buying a domain and spending 20 hours on customizing a wordpress setup can be such a treshold before you actually get around to it – once you’ve done it you realize how easy it is. To get started, that is.

    Quality content and traffic is the next challenge, but something you learn more about by doing I guess. You also start noticing things when reading other peoples stuff, like how here you use quite short separated paragraphs with quite a lot of air inbetween the text, and how it has the effect of making the text feel lighter. This of course is tailored to your particular audience though.

    I’ve been reading D&P sporadically for a couple of years and it has been fun to see the development, keep it up!

Marketing for Men

How to Survive a Public Shaming




Online hate mobs, usually formed by Gawker writers and social justice bullies like Anil Dash, ruin lives. They get people fired from jobs, and in the case of Justine Sacco, they send mobs of people to threaten women with rape.

I was publicly shamed. I got a full treatment on Gawker’s front page. Some idiots did an MSNBC special on me. Newsweek and other mainstream publications attacked me. What happened? Did I cry? Did I have a nervous breakdown?

I’m still standing and laughing. In fact, my counter-attacks received more views than the attacks on me.

My YouTube challenging Sam Biddle to a charity boxing match – 110,000 views.

Mike Cernovich challenges Sam Biddle the bully

My article “apologizing” for my “mean Tweets” – 30,000 views.

Mike Cernovich online shaming

My article showing how I played Sam Biddle is the #2 search result for his name – 25,000 views.

Sam Biddle page views

My Twitter stats when I am active on Twitter – 17,600,000 impressions a month.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.50.50 AM

They say it’s wrong to be a poor sport, but whatever. You don’t play by any sporting rules.

I won. I played your game and beat you.

But if you want to play again, you know where to find me.

However, there’s a caveat. You need a big platform. Nobodies like Chris Kluwe try challenging me, but he can’t bring me enough page views to justify an appearance by yours truly.

I can move the needle, even at my own platforms. On a larger platform the ratings would be huge.

If you want a shot at the champ, you gotta set it up in Madison Square Garden.

P.S. I also laid out the blueprint for everyone else.

People are sick and tired of SJWs and their online hate mobs. Do not back down. Do not apologize. Do not quit your job. Stand your ground and fight.

I won and will continue to win.

You can do the same.

Do not apologize.

Do not quit your job. Make your employer fire you if it comes down to it.

Get your message out.

I’m just a regular guy who was tired of bullies like Sam Biddle and Gawker ruining lives.

You don’t have to be the greatest writer in the world to get your message out.

You simply need to take a stand. There are millions of others who will have your back. You are not alone.

Reach out for help. If a hashtag is formed around your name, tens of thousands of anti-bullying advocates will crash it.

P.S. Go Full Gorilla.

Continue Reading

Marketing for Men

Live Your Life, Share Your Story




Personal branding and image is big these days. If you talk to anyone in marketing or PR, they’ll tell you to create a personal brand and then ensure your conduct is congruent with that brand.

If you’re a fitness guy, never let anyone see you without abs. If you’re a mindset trainer, don’t let people see you get angry! Always look your best.

That’s one way of approaching personal branding, but it’s always felt too constraining to me. Sometimes, as Dave Chapelle portrayed in his genius works of comedy, keeping it real can go wrong.

Even so, I like to keep it real.

Hypocrisy is the only morality.

One reason marketers, PR flaks, and brand advisers tell you to remain “on brand” all of the time is because we live in an era of moral relativism.

“The only modern sin,” Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton observed, is “hypocrisy.”

In the U.S. especially, we are morally stunted. There is no absolute morality. We don’t feel guilt for doing something morally wrong, because morality doesn’t exist.

We are a narcissistic, shame-based society. Our greatest fear is contradicting ourselves and being publicly exposed as a hypocrite. (Read more: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed.)

Living up to an artificial reality, while perhaps giving you mainstream appeal, leaves you feeling sick and empty inside.

It is dishonest.

Wouldn’t you rather sing a Song of Yourself?

Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

You are flawed and contain multitudes, which is why people love you.

When you create a personal brand, you become a slave to it. You no longer exist as a human being. You are a persona.

The real you takes shits, picks his nose, probably has a little unwanted urine leakage from time to time, and masturbates to porn. (Please do not share that level of realness with the world, but keep some perspective. You are a human being, not a persona or cardboard cut-out.)

The real you wonders if anyone truly loves you, if you are a fraud who isn’t as good as people think, and often can’t see what the point of it all is when life is decay followed by death.

Will you share your message when that necessarily means exposing your vulnerabilities and hypocrisies?

I live my life and share my story.

I am compassionate, thoughtful, emphatic, kind, cold, callus, sex-crazed, vengeful, and a bit of an asshole who thinks highly of himself while being full of self-doubt.

Sometimes I rant about SJWs and other times I teach about mindfulness and the quest for inner peace.

Some would say I’m a hypocrite! Shouldn’t I be meditating in a cave?

Others would say my contradictions give meaning to my words, as my life shows I am working to improve myself in the very way I encourage others to.

I can’t imagine having any other personal brand than this, “I live my life and share my story.”

For business and marketing types (I have never taken a course in Business or Marketing), this is my mission statement: Live your life, share your story.

No one can expose me. No one can shame me. I am me.

In fact, the media went crazy when they talked about me on TV, wrote about me, and sent tens of thousands of people to tell me to kill myself….

And I laughed at them.

My site’s growth and the growth of my profile proves YOU can be who you want to be.

Be authentic, but not delusional.

If you keep it real, you’ll hit a ceiling.

I would never be allowed on TV. Some of my more controversial articles and Tweets (yes, thousands of people have formed into hate mobs based on my 140-character vignettes) would incite the masses to form online lynch mobs.

Advertisers would pull out and mid-level marketing and PR managers would cause internal corporate drama due to the feelings women have about me. Women are madly attracted to me while wanting to hate me.

Ultimately women control media and advertising, so be careful before you offend them.

Or not.

Live your life, share your story.

Yes, you can be true to yourself while having millions of readers.

In fact, that might be the only way.

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Marketing for Men

How to Write a Long Form Sales Letter (Juicing Book Case Study)




This article will be sort of meta-marketing. I am going to market my books to you while also explaining how to market YOUR books.

I have a juicing ebook for sale. As I started my juicing website as a hobby, I outsourced the sales page rather than do it myself.

I don’t like the sales page. It feels spammy. You can read it here. You can also sign up to be an affiliate and earn a 50% commission for each book you sell.

I re-wrote the sales copy consistent with my own writing style and core values.

In short, I don’t market for or to dummies.

You can read my long-form sales letter below.

Juicing is not magic and will not cure all that ails you.

If you’re on this page for a quick fat loss or health fix, please click away. Life seldom has simple solutions and you will be sorely disappointed with a product that helps you become healthy for the long haul.

I don’t even believe in get-rich-quick OR get-healthy-quick schemes.

I got into juicing because I was physically fit but not healthy.

I ate a lot of protein and watched my carb intake. I tracked my macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat). I lifted hard and performed cardio.

But I completely ignored phytonutrients and plant chemicals that have health-promoting, often drug-like effects.

Juicing pics

A rare medical condition brought me to my knees, forcing me to re-examine my outlook on health.

I struggled with eczema as a child and occasionally as an adult, but my eczema was more of a nuisance than anything. I’d put on the creams my doctors gave me, the eczema would go away, and life would go on.

Then something bad happened.

I started getting full-body spreading eczema. My eyes would swell shut. I’d itch until my skin bled and would wake up with blood all over the pillowcases

Prednisone, a powerful hormone, didn’t help. Nothing helped. I was forced to examine all of my assumptions about health and fitness.

Plants and vegetables do have drug-like effects.

Vegetables, leafy greens, and fruit contain phytochemicals, which are chemical compounds that boost health and improve athletic performance.

Here are but a few scientifically-proven benefits of beet juice.

Lower blood pressure.

Beet juice “opens up your blood vessels,” to put it into layman’s terms.

  • Inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice supplementation reduces blood pressure in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis. (“Inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in systolic BP.”)

Get stronger.

Beet juice can make athletes more explosive, by improving the performance of fast-twitch muscle fibers.

  • Impact of dietary nitrate supplementation via beetroot juice on exercising muscle vascular control in rats. (“These data support the hypothesis that NO(3)(-) supplementation improves vascular control and elevates skeletal muscle O(2) delivery during exercise predominantly in fast-twitch type II muscles.”)

Have more endurance.

Cyclists have used beet juice for years, as a legal performance aid.

  • A single dose of beetroot juice enhances cycling performance in simulated altitude. (“A single dose of BR lowered V˙O2 during submaximal exercise and enhanced TT performance of trained cyclists in normobaric hypoxia. Consequently, ingestion of BR may be a practical and effective ergogenic aid for endurance exercise at altitude.”)

Those are only a few of the benefits beets alone.

In Juice Power, I discuss dozens of other health-giving benefits of vegetables and fruit.

“Just eat your vegetables and fruit!”

Yes, that’s a great idea.

You can also make green smoothies, and I even share some smoothie recipes in Juice Power.

But are you eating 8-9 servings of vegetables each and every day?

Here is what 8 servings of vegetables and fruit look like. How long would that take you to eat?

juice post

I eat vegetables, drink green smoothies, and juice. Drinking green juice does not mean you shouldn’t eat vegetables and vice versa.

“Is there any science behind juicing?”

Yes, Juice Power contains dozens of citations to scientific studies on juicing.

After all, juicing is simply consuming plant nutrients and phytochemcials in liquid rather than solid form.

You could spend hundreds-of-hours on PubMed (a database compiling scientific studies) examining the health benefits of juice.

Here are but a few of many studies:

  • A Review: Phytochemicals Targeting JAK/STAT Signaling and IDO Expression in Cancer. (“It is now evident that phytochemicals play key roles in inhibition of tumor proliferation and development and provide novel means for therapeutic targeting of cancer.”)
  • High consumption of vegetable and fruit colour groups is inversely associated with the risk of colorectal cancer: a case-control study. (“The results of the present study, therefore, suggest that a greater intake of orange/yellow, red/purple and white vegetables and fruit is inversely associated with the risk of colorectal cancer.”)
  • Squeezing Fact from Fiction about 100% Fruit Juice. (“The preponderance of evidence supports the position that 100% fruit juice delivers essential nutrients and phytonutrients, provides year-round access to a variety of fruits, and is a cost-effective way to help people meet fruit recommendations.”)

Those are but a few of countless studies on the drug-like benefits of plant foods, which you can get by juicing.

“Green juice is disgusting!”

My audience is made up of successful and intelligent people who will do what it takes to get healthy.

That said, green juices are delicious. My recipes were all created with taste in mind.

This vegetable juice has converted all green juice “taste skeptics” into juice lovers.



“Won’t fructose make me fat?”

Reality check: Whenever some makes a bold claim, like fruit will make you fat, ask them to see their evidence.

The myth about fructose arouse after studies of extremely obese people who were consuming high-fructose corn syrup had “fatty livers.” Homemade green juices do not contain high-fructose corn syrup or any syrup, so those studies have zero value.

There is no evidence that consuming fruit in its natural form (by eating it or juicing it yourself) will make you fat.

In fact, the evidence suggests that rather than make you fat, fructose makes you fit.

Where are the millions of fat people who drink green juice?

In fact, some scientists tried to determine if juicing made people fat. They couldn’t find all of these fat people!

  • Consumption of 100% fruit juice and risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome: findings from the national health and nutrition examination survey 1999-2004. (“Compared with nonconsumers, those who consumed 100% fruit juice were leaner, were more insulin sensitive, and had lower odds of obesity and metabolic syndrome.”)

If you’re worried about fructose, you can make your juices essentially sugar free with the recipes in Juice Power.

“I’ve heard juicing will spike my blood sugar and give me diabetes. Is this true?”

Again, this issue has been studied. That is a myth. Drinking juice does not give anyone diabetes.

The science is clear. Juicing does not cause or contribute to diabetes:

  • Soft drink, 100% fruit juice, and vegetable juice intakes and risk of diabetes mellitus. (“Soft drink but not pure juices consumption was associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes in Japanese women.”)
  • Substituting homemade fruit juice for sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome among Hispanic adults. (“In conclusion, reducing the consumption of SSB and substituting them with homemade fruit juices in moderation may be a culturally appropriate approach to lower MetS among Hispanic adults.”)
  • Relationship between 100% juice consumption and nutrient intake and weight of adolescents. (“In conclusion, when compared with non-juice consumers, adolescents consuming 100% juice did not show mean increased weight measures. Juice provided valuable nutrients, and consumption was associated with lower intakes of total fat, saturated fatty acids, discretionary fat, and added sugars and with higher intakes of whole fruit; however, consumption was not associated with decreased intake of milk, meat, or grains.”)

By the way, a woman I helped with a juice fast (which I do not recommend unless under a doctor’s care) was able to go off of her diabetes medication.

“Will juicing cure cancer/eczema diabetes/whatever else I’m suffering from?”

No. Juicing is not magical.

Juicing will boost your immune system by giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair and detox itself.

Juicing did not cure my eczema. It helped it immensely, and some people report having their skin conditions resolve.

But I don’t believe in making promises I can’t keep. Juicing may help your body rebuild itself, curing skin conditions and boost your immune system.

I can promise that juicing will improve your overall health.

“What will I learn in your Juice Power ebooks?”

For $14.99 you will receive three separate ebooks – Juice Power, Juicing for Men, and Juicing for Athletes. The books contain:

  • Over 70 juice recipes.
  • An explanation of the difference between juicing and blending.
  • Healthy, non-juice recipes like how to make grape sorbet.
  • A guide to buying the best juicer.
  • A simple way to figure out how many calories your homemade juices contain.
  • A clickable table of contents.

And much more.

Juicing will add value to your life.

Here are some of the benefits of juicing with a scientific reference for each claim!

Make you better looking. 

  • Fruit over sunbed: carotenoid skin colouration is found more attractive than melanin colouration. (“Taken together, our findings provide further support for a carotenoid-linked health-signalling system that is highly important in mate choice.”)

Help you sprint faster.

  • Dietary acid-base balance in adolescent sprint athletes: a follow-up study. (“Lowering the PRAL can be obtained by increasing the consumption of potatoes, fruits, vegetables and vegetable soup.”)

Boost your immune system.

  • Exogenous stimuli maintain intraepithelial lymphocytes via aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation. (“AhR activity can be regulated by dietary components, such as those present in cruciferous vegetables, providing a mechanistic link between dietary compounds, the intestinal immune system, and the microbiota.”)

Aid digestion, and in some cases help improve ulcers.

  • Rapid Healing of Peptic Ulcers in Patients Receiving Fresh Cabbage Juice. (“The rapid healing of peptic ulcers observed radiologically and gastroscopically in 13 patients treated with fresh cabbage juice indicates that the anti-peptic ulcer dietary factor may play an important role in the genesis of peptic ulcer in man.”)

Improve your performance in the gym.

  • Impact of dietary nitrate supplementation via beetroot juice on exercising muscle vascular control in rats. (“These data support the hypothesis that NO(3)(-) supplementation improves vascular control and elevates skeletal muscle O(2) delivery during exercise predominantly in fast-twitch type II muscles.”)

Make you feel great.

  • Mike Cernovich’s Book of Real Life. (“Some people even find green juice to be a substitute for drinking coffee.”)

You can take that step by placing an order here.

Click on the image below to learn everything you need to know about juicing but were afraid to ask.

juice power


After you buy my books, I won’t start sending you emails pitching you consulting services, affiliate offers, or other “upsells.”

We all know how this ends, right?

You buy my books. Rather than be happy to have another satisfied customer, I dig my hands deep into your pockets.

Then I upsell you on coaching, or affiliate offers for other ebooks.

As I said, I am not an Internet marketer.

Fit Juice started off as a hobby for me.

There is no sales pitch.

Buy my books, start juicing to improve your health, and never get spammed by me.

“I can’t afford/don’t want to buy your ebooks.?

Great, you can read Fit Juice for free.

Most of the content in Juice Power is already available on Fit Juice, in the form of articles and blog posts.

“Why would I buy a book if the content is already available for free?”

For the same reason I paid someone to create the books for me.

Time is money.

It will take you several hours to organize and make sense of everything on Fit Juice, since I built the site from scratch and wrote it like a blog rather than a book.

Personally, my time is worth more than that. I’m not the kind of person who spends hours trying to get something for free when I could be spending that time improving my life.

“What if I don’t like your books?”

There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Send me an email if you don’t like the books and I’ll personally refund your money.


$14.99 gets you all the information in a nice, clean, easy to read package.

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