Trump Recovers Stolen Phone, Reaches Out To "New Right" With Jack Posobiec Retweet - Mike Cernovich
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Trump Recovers Stolen Phone, Reaches Out To “New Right” With Jack Posobiec Retweet




How was Jack Posobiec retweeted by President Donald Trump? That may seem like a minor question in light of today’s press conference, although in fact the press conference confirmed some chatter I had been hearing all morning.

General Kelly took away Trump’s phone? Multiple people close to POTUS told me Kelly “took away his phone,” although I wasn’t able to confirm if they meant this literally or figuratively. Did the President of the United States actually have his phone taken from his physical possession? This struck me as hard to believe, although it was clear the tone and tenor of Trump’s tweets had changed, and the sources who provided me this information had regularly given me massive scoops.

That said, Kelly kept the Oval Office doors closed and would not allow anyone to give Trump any articles or blog posts without first clearing them through Kelly. Trump was isolated and wasn’t getting information from new-right media.

The only way to reach Trump was via Sean Hannity. Indeed Trump found out about the Rich Higgins firing and Susan Rice security clearance scandal because journalist Sara Carter mentioned Rice regularly on Hannity. In that sense, Sara Carter is one of the most important national security reporters, and Hannity is the most important cable news host today.

Sources have told me they go to Carter with the biggest stories, due to the direct line her reporting has to POTUS.

Many were calling Kelly’s reorganization of the White House the “General’s coup,” and my sources referred to it was Trump being on “house arrest.” 

Trump was monitoring the Charlottesville development carefully, and had his advisers sharing him video footage from the event. Yes, Trump was actually watching video clips as the situation developed.

Meanwhile, Trump found out people were saying Kelly took his phone, and he wasn’t happy (to put it mildly).

As Trump watched the footage from Charlottesville, he was disgusted and appalled. Trump was also taken aback that the media was blaming him for the attacks

No one ever said anything to Obama about the riots,” Trump was heard telling one adviser.

Trump wanted to distanced himself from the worst elements of the “alt right” while maintaining the support of the base. Twitter sentiment is monitored closely within the White House, with Twitter being seen as the “spirit” of the basic.

Donald Trump Jr. had been sending around Posobiec’s Tweet about Chicago shootings. Trump asked if Posobiec was a “good guy,” Jr. said yes, and the RT happened.

The next morning Trump called out the neo-Nazi element of the alt-right while also forcing the media on its back foot by calling out the “alt-left.

 The alt-left is a term which comes directly from Sean Hannity, who coined it. Indeed I suggested that Hannity was making a branding mistake by labelling the violent left the alt-left. (Hannity wins that exchange, obviously.)

General Kelly was not happyas this photograph from Joe Toohey captures perfectly.

General Kelly’s reaction to today’s press conference was captured by NBC.

Some high profile resignations are expected to be reported soon.

Mike Cernovich is a journalist, author, and filmmaker.

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Massive Child Predator Arrests Made Across Nation. MSM Remains Silent



October 18th was a victorious day for law enforcement as they successfully carried out massive sting operations and arrest sweeps in three states. They were able to arrest 421 suspected sexual predators. These included arrests for child sex trafficking. These arrests were initially reported by three local outlets.

The Clarion-Ledger out of Mississippi reported, “two alleged child sex traffickers in Mississippi along with 20 individuals identified as associated with prostitution were among those nabbed in a nationwide crackdown that led to the recovery of 84 minors, the youngest 3 months old.

USNews reported out of Florida, “law enforcement in Polk County, Florida arrested 277 people in connection with human trafficking and online prostitution. A cancer surgeon, a teacher, a pediatrician, an Air Force veteran, a retired police officer and a colonel in the Marine Corps were among the nearly 300 people arrested in Florida in a massive prostitution sting, police say.”

The undercover human trafficking operation, which was called “Operation No Tricks, No Treats” and ran from Oct. 10-15, netted 277 people, according to a press release from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.”

In Georgia reported, “sixty people were arrested and four children were recovered in Georgia during an FBI-led operation that focused on child sex trafficking, the agency announced Wednesday morning.”

Here at we are happy to see law enforcement cracking down on child sex traffickers and support any organization shining a light on this dark but important topic. Only by exposing the issue to the American public can we combat these disgusting predators effectively.

I do have one question though. Where is the mainstream media? This was a huge multi-state, multi-agency operation and the only sound we hear from the MSM is silent. I guess the well being of children falls short on their list of newsworthy priorities.

Sources: The Clarion-Ledger
The Clarion-Ledger

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Proud Male Feminist & MSM Journalist Hit With Sex Assault Accusations… One Year After Mike Predicted His Downfall



Mike Cernovich has done it again. It seems that the author, filmmaker, journalist, and social media savant has successfully pointed out an accused sexual predator over a year before allegations became public of the accused pervert.

The person in question is one Rupert Myers, British GQ’s former political correspondent. He was terminated from his employment after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

A recent Breitbart article on Myers reads, “the liberal journalist has written at length against U.S. President Donald Trump, Brexit, and a host of other folk devils of the left, and even penned a lengthy article condemning the objectification of women, commenting sagely that “it is impossible to ignore the disparity between my experience and those of women who have suffered the inhibiting attentions of men treating women as objects.”

Cernovich called Myers out on Twitter on September 1st, 2016 – over one year before the official allegations surfaced. His accuser, author and journalist Kate Leaver made many public comments on the subject today on her Twitter account.

Twitter users quickly took Myers to task for his alleged actions and previous statements he had made on Twitter.

Myers has been terminated from his post and accepted responsibility for his predatory behavior publicly on his Twitter. Myer has since deleted his twitter account. I am left to question whether he was advised to do so by legal representation. It is unclear as of yet if Myers will be facing any charges stemming from the alleged incidents.

One of the alleged victims has since commented on Myers termination and his “apology. ” Needless to say she seems dissatisfied by the very generic apology statement.


One is left wondering. How does Mike Cernovich always seem to end up ahead of breaking stories? The left likes to label him an internet troll, but why didn’t the media report on the accusations against Myers a year ago? Perhaps they have just completely given up on investigative journalism. Or maybe Mike Cernovich does have the most amazing sources in media today.My money is on both.

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Source: Breitbart

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Man Behind Swastika Painting At University Of Maryland Revealed As African-American



In a report by The Daily Caller published 10/16/2017 the outlet covered a report exposing yet another foiled hate crime hoax. Court documents stating that 52-year-old Ronald Alford Sr. was responsible for spray painting a swastika inside a residence hall at the University of Maryland in September.

At first glance, it would appear to be a malicious hate crime perpetrated by an ignorant white supremacist. There is just one problem. Alford is African American.

Fox5 reports, “University of Maryland police say 52-year-old Ronald Alford Sr. was served a criminal summons on Thursday and faces several charges including destruction of property and disturbing the operations of a school. Alford will not be allowed back on campus.”

Given the history of these kinds of incidents, had Alford not been caught, we would see front page articles in the mainstream media lambasting the rise of neo-nazism in America.

No doubt they would coincidently mention President Donald Trump and blame his ‘America First’ policies as the cause of this atrocious crime.

If you expect to see the articles on the front page now, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Hate crime hoaxes have been pushed by the media over and over again. Making an initial sensational splash before being quietly retracted once the facts come out and the incident turns out to be a staged stunt, perpetrated by an unstable social justice warrior. By the time the articles are corrected, the narrative has already been furnished. firmly believes in fighting racism and bigotry. The hoax crimes are a detriment in the efforts to actually combat these issues. They take attention away from actual hate crimes and marginalize those victimized by intolerance.

The Daily Caller

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