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New York Times Article Calls For A “Shadow Government” To Take Trump Down




Peter Wehner, a senior adviser for Mitt Romney’s failed 2012 presidential campaign, has written a piece for The New York Times pushing for a shadow government to take control of the government.

The piece titled Behold Our ‘Child King’ tries to convince people that Donald J. Trump, who lead a campaign for president which was actually successful, is so “incompetent” that the GOP should elevate “alternative leaders” to form a “shadow government.”

Wehner wants new leaders to “appeal to moral idealism” in order to forge a “separate Republican identity.”

In case you were wondering if the “deep state” was real then here it is, a former Bush staffer and Romney campaign adviser is commanding leaders within the government to come out against President Trump and “elevate” themselves politically.

Wehner also took a shot at Breitbart, writing:

This approach involves risk and may not work. It will certainly provoke an angry response from the Breitbart-alt-right-talk-radio part of the party. So be it. Republicans who don’t share Mr. Trump’s approach have to hope that his imploding presidency has created an opening to offer a profoundly different vision of America, one that is based on opportunity, openness, mobility and inclusion.

Breitbart fired right back in an article of its own and scored a direct hit:

Wehner—the insufferable elitist who also bashed Tea Party conservatives nearly every chance he got during President Barack Obama’s tenure to enable the legacy media to use him as their go-to useful moron—never mentions that his establishment Republicans friends in Congress and former boss George W. Bush lost blue-collar Reagan Democrats, young voters, people of color, and the conservative base with their oh-so-brilliant neoconservative foreign policy agenda, crony capitalism and excessive spending at home that turned Washington into the nation’s boomtown, and support for policies like No Child Left Behind and comprehensive amnesty legislation.

Wehner wants Republicans at the state and national levels to come out in opposition of Trump:

What’s required now is a comprehensive, consistent case by Republican leaders at the state and national levels that signals their opposition to the moral ugliness and intellectual incoherence of Mr. Trump. Rather than standing by the president, they should consider themselves liberated and offer a constructive, humane and appealing alternative to him.

Then Wehner literally calls for a shadow government:

They need to think in terms of a shadow government during the Trump era, with the elevation of alternative leaders on a range of matters.

Wehner closes by trying to claim that Trump has damaged the Republican Party…

We are well past the point where equivocations are defensible, and we’re nearly past the point where a moral reconstitution is possible. The damage Mr. Trump has inflicted on the Republican Party is already enormous. If the party doesn’t make a clean break with him, it will be generational.

The New York Times


Leftist Hero Valerie Plame-Wilson Apologizes For Promoting Article Blaming Jews For America’s Problems



Earlier today, obscure left-wing starlet, Valerie Plame-Wilson, retweeted a bizarre anti-semitic article from Philip Giraldi at, which suggested that Jewish media personalities should be identified whenever they are making comments on TV — like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison — so that the public can be aware of their dangerous ulterior motives of promoting Zionism.

In case you’re suffering from “Gosh-that-name-sounds-familiar” syndrome let’s review a bit about Mrs. Plame-Wilson.

Valerie Plame-Wilson was once a relatively unremarkable CIA analyst who had been thrust into Left-wing stardom after her cover was blown by a Washington Post article by Robert Novak in 2004. The Left quickly blamed the Bush Administration for leaking her name as retribution for her husband, Joe Wilson’s, New York Times op ed piece in which he claimed to have debunked Bush’s assertion that Iraq had been seeking “yellow-cake” uranium from Niger and therefore the whole Iraq war was based on a lie.

Of course Joe Wilson’s story was later itself debunked as Bush had based his statement on British intelligence (which the British still stand by). But in the aftermath, Plame-Wilson and her husband found fame and fortune and lucrative book deals and movies.

These days, Plame-Wilson is desperately trying to keep herself relevant. She has a website and a Twitter account in which she loves to opine on any number of left-wing causes.

Which brings us to her current fifteen minutes of fame.

When she was quickly criticized for today’s tweet, she defended it by tweeting that “re-tweeting doesn’t mean endorsement.”

She then tweeted a few more tweets defending the basic argument of the article itself: that wealthy and well-connected American Jews are pushing political policies that will get the U.S. into a War with Iran.

“Put aside your biases and think clearly,” she lectured in one tweet.

But then reality set in and two hours later, she tweeted an apology, saying she had “missed the gross undercurrents to this article” and didn’t do her “homework on the platform this piece came from.”

She also tweeted that there was “so much there that’s problematic” (in the UNZ article) and that her mistake was “a doozy” and that she had merely “skimmed” the article and “zeroed in on the neocon criticism and shared it without seeing and considering the rest.”

But the Washington Examiner points out that Plame’s claim to have been unfamiliar with the platform of the article—that is—seems a little disingenuous since she has re-tweeted several articles from them over the past few years.

Articles, for example, about Israelis dancing for joy on 9/11 and articles titled “Why I Still Dislike Israel.”

She must have missed the undercurrents on those articles as well.

If this is the quality of research and discernment Mrs. Plame-Wilson is only capable of, we should all thank God that she’s no longer working in the CIA.

The Washington Examiner


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BRUTAL: Leaked Footage Shows MSNBC Host Lawrence O’Donnell Verbally Abusing Employees



Leaked footage shows MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell verbally abusing and bashing workers at the network behind the scenes during an on-air segment.

The footage begins with O’Donnell introducing a segment accusing President Donald Trump of lacking empathy while visiting Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas because he was wearing a ‘USA’ hat that happens to be for sale in his online store.

“What’s going on, why am I losing this, why don’t I have sound?” O’Donnell starts after throwing to what was presumably a clip.

“God dammit,” he continues, going on to insist, “someone in the control room is out of control.”

O’Donnell goes on to freak out after apparently hearing a hammering sound in the studio.

Shouting, he cries, “stop the hammering up there. Who’s got a hammer? Where is it? Where’s the hammer? Go up on the other floor. Somebody go up there and stop the hammering. Stop the hammering, I’ll go down to the goddamned floor myself and stop it, keep the goddamned commercial break going. Call f*cking Phil Griffin [President of MSNBC], I don’t care who the f*ck you have to call. Stop the hammering. Empty out the goddamned control room and find out where this is going on.”

Quite the attitude for someone who had just accused President Trump of lacking empathy.

See the full clip below.

Following the release of that clip, many people have taken to Twitter to roast O’Donnell.


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Project Veritas Promises “Fireworks” Ahead Of What Could Be Its Biggest Release EVER



James O’Keefe, president of Project Veritas is a self proclaimed “muckraker.” When O’Keefe isn’t writing bestselling books, he and his team engage in some of the most powerful undercover investigative journalism in the world.

After getting his first big scalp when he and political legend Andrew Breitbart took down ACORN, O’Keefe has only kept the truth coming in big ways. In 2016, O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a series of undercover videos.  These videos contained various Democrat organizers bragging about their seedy political operations to benefit the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The videos went viral and arguably played a role in swinging the election for President Trump. They helped to expose underhanded Democrat political tactics to the American people. But O’Keefe wasn’t done there.

In January, O’Keefe publicly declared that the next target for his organization was the mainstream media. O’Keefe delivered the goods, releasing another set of videos which captured CNN personalities admitting on hidden cameras to manipulating news information for ratings and breaching the ethical code of journalists. Among the admissions was CNN’s Van Jones stating the Russia story was a “nothing burger.”

Now, O’Keefe and Project Veritas have released a new teaser video in which O’Keefe ominously states the following:

“In the coming weeks, you’re gonna see one of the biggest investigations this organization has ever done. It’s a continuation of American Pravda series. It’s aimed at the media. We’re going after their holy grail. We have tripled our journalists in the field. They are not even here, they are out there everyday. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be massive. If they think they can shut us down with this crap (O’Keefe waves pending lawsuits) they’re sorely mistaken. Because not only are people in the media probably going to lose their jobs and be exposed for what they are, but this (as he again indicates the stack of pending lawsuits) is going to be exposed for what it is. So stay tuned ladies and gentleman. Fireworks are coming…”

To hear more about what Project Veritas is up to, stay tuned for tomorrow’s run of Cerno News, which will broadcast from Mike Cernovich’s Facebook page here.

We’ll have two associates with Project Veritas on to discuss their work.

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