The National Rifle Association (NRA) has released a video featuring a fiery rant from CEO Wayne LaPierre about why the typically anti-gun mainstream media has never been less trusted in American history.

LaPierre – a Trump ally known for his tendency to, as The Guardian puts it, “always attack, never apologize and treat the news media as the opposition party” – states in the video, “to every dishonest member of the failing American news media, let me explain why you’ve never been less trusted, less credible or less respected.”

“For decades,” he continues, “you ignored calls from millions of gun owners to just tell the truth. All you had to do was just get the facts right about our guns and our freedom.”

“But you never even pretended to listen. Instead, you weaponized the First Amendment against the Second. And now the whole country sees you for the mockery we’ve always known.”

See LaPierre’s full rant below.

This video comes following another from the NRA attacking the violent rhetoric of progressives and encouraging law-abiding citizens to arm themselves for protection.

Although the NRA’s video did not mention them whatsoever, the Women’s March organizers took it as a personal attack, holding an anti-gun march outside the NRA’s headquarters.

Interestingly enough, as the NRA subsequently pointed out, marchers participating in that event were protected by armed guards and police officers.

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