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NRA CEO Launches Vicious Assault On The Horrendously Mistrusted MSM




The National Rifle Association (NRA) has released a video featuring a fiery rant from CEO Wayne LaPierre about why the typically anti-gun mainstream media has never been less trusted in American history.

LaPierre – a Trump ally known for his tendency to, as The Guardian puts it, “always attack, never apologize and treat the news media as the opposition party” – states in the video, “to every dishonest member of the failing American news media, let me explain why you’ve never been less trusted, less credible or less respected.”

“For decades,” he continues, “you ignored calls from millions of gun owners to just tell the truth. All you had to do was just get the facts right about our guns and our freedom.”

“But you never even pretended to listen. Instead, you weaponized the First Amendment against the Second. And now the whole country sees you for the mockery we’ve always known.”

See LaPierre’s full rant below.

This video comes following another from the NRA attacking the violent rhetoric of progressives and encouraging law-abiding citizens to arm themselves for protection.

Although the NRA’s video did not mention them whatsoever, the Women’s March organizers took it as a personal attack, holding an anti-gun march outside the NRA’s headquarters.

Interestingly enough, as the NRA subsequently pointed out, marchers participating in that event were protected by armed guards and police officers.

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‘Censorship-Free’ Social Media Platform Given Five Days To Find A New Registrar Or Go Dark




Social media website has been battling other tech giants on the internet world to preserve its “Free Speech” platform.

It seems that now the tech industry is firing back.

Yesterday, Gab posted a screen shot of the email sent by the legal team at their current domain registrar Asia Registry.

The email stated “Asia Registry’s End User Agreement, Terms and Service and Abuse Policy prohibit use of a domain name for an unlawful purpose.”

The statement continues, “Asia Registry is an Australian company, and he website at <> violates Australian federal and state anti-discrimination laws, which prohibit public vilification on the basis of race, religion, or ethnic origin. Asia Registry’s Abuse Policy specifically prohibits use of a domain name in a matter that is discriminatory or hateful.”

Asia Registry claims that it “has the right to cancel any domain name which breaches its terms and conditions (see End User Agreement, “Rights of Registrar”).”

Asia Registry invited to transfer their domain name to a different registrar and warned “If you do not do so within 5 days, Asia registry will cancel your domain name registration.”

This is not the first time has felt the pressure from tech companies. In an interview given to Mike Cernovich on September 11th, Gab CEO Andrew Torba stated “If something is not done soon, these companies arguably, right now, have more power, more data, more control, than even our own government. And that is scary.”

Here is the exclusive Mike Cernovich interview with Gab CEO Andrew Torba on Internet control and censorship.




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CERNO News Host Defamed, Sexually Harassed By Fake News “Journalist” And Cohorts




CERNO News host Andrew Meyer gained notoriety worldwide in 2007 after questioning then Senator John Kerry on why he failed to contest the 2004 election.  Kerry had promised litigation against President George W. Bush for election discrepancies in advance of the election.

After video of Meyer’s questions went viral online, the mainstream media cut his real questions into a sound bite that happened when police removed Meyer from the room – “Don’t tase me, bro!”

Now, ten years later, corporate media are still lying about Meyer in an attempt to discredit the serious issues he raised about the false divide between mainstream Republicans and Democrats and their backroom deals in the military-industrial complex.

Harry Shukman, the U.S. News editor for The Tab, begged Meyer for an interview for months on Facebook.

When Meyer answered Shukman’s questions, Shukman ran an article with a conclusion pretending he received a Joseph Stalin quote relating to nothing from Meyer. In fact, the quote related to a journalism project of Meyer’s that Shukman had reported on a sentence earlier.

By omitting the relationship between the Stalin quote and the journalism project, Shukman attempted to frame Meyer as sending a random quote for no reason – when in reality Shukman was creating fake news through omission.

Meyer demanded Shukman fix his fake news on Twitter.

Rather than correct his fake news, Shukman attempted to use his deceptive reporting to gain information about Meyer’s journalism project. By using his defamation as leverage to access Meyer’s intellectual property, Shukman attempted to extort Meyer.

When Shukman became frustrated that he could not avoid answering for his own fake news, he summoned his minion “Mike” to harass Meyer. When Meyer pointed out Mike’s open acknowledgement of having no self control, Mike searched through Meyer’s profile to strike back, and finding nothing, resorted to sexual harassment.

Shukman has a history of reporting a likely hate crime hoax as fact and claiming that wearing a Trump hat on a college campus is a horrible idea, and this is what makes him exactly like the rest of the mainstream media.

The media does not ask themselves why supposed neo-Nazis can not even draw a swastika correctly – a fact I mentioned to Shukman about his article on what appears to be a hate crime hoax – instead, the media is trained to attack anything or anyone that does not align with their corporate masters.

As renowned political reporter Mike Cernovich has written, journalists “may talk to you for three hours to get one sentence they can use against you.”

Knowing Shukman would attempt to avoid printing hard-hitting quotes, Meyer only answered questions relating to the subject Meyer was interested in – the illegitimacy of the media.

It is interesting to note the quotes Shukman left out of his story.

“I never heard from John Kerry, although his actions as Secretary of State proved my point,” Meyer wrote, “That he never was any different from George W. Bush.”

As this answer would demolish the narrative Shukman tried to create that the 2007 incident worked to “radicalize” Meyer, it was left out.

Trying to smear Meyer as “alt-right,” Shukman asked, “How would you label your political beliefs, if you don’t mind me asking? Your twitter says you work with Mike Cernovich, would you characterize your politics as alt-right?”

Meyer answered, “The alt-right hates Cernovich…I’m an independent, because my stances on the multitude of issues that we call politics rarely align with any established group.”

While Shukman and the media will keep trying to demonize Americans that want borders and the Constitution as “radicals,” few trust their reporting, and The Tab’s own comment section called out Shukman’s deceptive reporting.

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Exclusive: Candace Owens Vows To Fire Back Following Censorship Of Her Video Criticizing BLM




Candace Owens, known online as Red Pill Black, has vowed to fight back following the social media censorship of a video she posted criticizing a discriminatory campaign started by a Black Lives Matter activist.

As Cernovich Media previously reported, Owens was told that her video – titled “WTF? Black Lives Matter Has A List Of Demands For White People!” – violated YouTube’s guidelines and would be taken down from the video sharing platform.

Owens – a young, African-American conservative woman – proceeded to upload the video to Facebook, where it was also flagged and promptly removed.

Speaking with Cernovich Media by phone earlier today, Owens stated that she “kind of expected” censorship to happen to her sooner or later – but not this soon.

“I’m just really surprised,” she added. “My channel’s been up for a month. I’m just surprised at how fast it was. I figured I’d slip under the radar for a little.”

‘Slip under the radar’ is the exact opposite of what Owens has done since her video’s censorship.

The incident has earned her plenty of attention online; she’s appeared on Infowars and received support from well-known conservative voices like @PeterSweden7.

During her conversation with Cernovich Media today, Owens stated she intends to use that attention as a means of holding social media platforms accountable.

“I’m going to put some heat on them,” she said. “These are the platforms that say they care about black people, minorities and Muslims.”

She proceeded to question why, then, said platforms feel the need to censor minorities who push their community to think critically about itself as she did in her video criticizing Black Lives Matter.

“In terms of my commentary, I called her [BLM activist Chanelle Helm] petulant but I kept it very high brow,” she said, of the clip., adding that she didn’t call Helm any names.

“I just made an appeal that I stand by. Somehow that violates Facebook’s guidelines – inspiring black people to be smart.”

In the wake of the attention, Owens’ video was eventually restored to YouTube – without explanation.

Owens stated that all strikes also appear to have been removed from her account.

Owens further stated that she will continue to upload her videos to YouTube in the hopes of exposing people to alternative viewpoints.

“Right now the people on the left are using those platforms,” she said. “I’m trying to wake up people that are sleeping. That’s where the battle has to be won.”

Owens also stated that, as an African-American, she is proud to stand up for her white friends and criticize her own community in a way that might seem to risky for an outsider to do.

“If white people defend themselves they’re called a white nationalist and a KKK member,” she told Cernovich Media today.

“You almost have to be ashamed to be white or accept that you’re going to be called a KKK member.”

Still, Owens’ blackness doesn’t mean she’s free to express her conservative ideals without criticism from the black community.

“Some people said ‘you’re not allowed to criticize black people as a black person,'” she told Cernovich Media in reference to comments on her video critical of Black Lives Matter’s list of demands for white people.

“I disagree. We have evolved into a thoughtful, intelligent crowd. I want to distance myself from that narrative that all we can do is be gangsters or angry.”

“It’s just kind of holding a mirror and letting people understand that it’s gotten really, really out of control.”

Check out Candace Owens’ latest video for more of her thoughts on censorship, life as a black conservative and the current state of America.

You can follow Candace Owens on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

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