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Leftist Twitter Loses Another Meme Battle To Pro-Trump Meme Masters




The latest tantrum from the left is in full display on Twitter with leftists ginning up #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words, but Trump supporters have hijacked the hashtag and outmemed the left again.

Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition against Trump, trotted out the tired old “Trump is Hitler” adage with a brand new hashtag. It went about as well for him as you might expect. What Dworkin and Democrats don’t understand is that most people are tired of deception and the dead “everyone I disagree with is a Nazi” meme.

This is the tone-deaf post the Democrats wanted to go viral:

Replies to the tweet were swift and vicious.

Not only did Dworkin’s post get trolled, but the hashtag got hijacked by popular pro-Trump Twitter accounts.

Even the internet’s favorite cartoonist, Ben Garrison, joined in the trolling:

The leftists tried so hard to meme, but could only virtue signal their belief in the Oppression Olympics-pyramid like the cult members they are.

As many of you are already aware, the left can’t meme. Leftists don’t have enough self-awareness to make really cutting humor. When “the resistance” tried to get #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words trending, they got mocked and trolled instead -because the left doesn’t have a grip on reality.

The scoreboard on this meme battle: Trump: 1 Resistance: 0. Leftists still can’t stump the Trump, and Democrats don’t know how to internet.


REVEALED: Kellogg’s Foundation Hands Out Millions To Alt-Left Organizations




So who would like a big scoop of leftism with their morning cereal? While few outside of the liberal echo chamber will choose to start their day off with political talking points that will cause them great head pain, that’s essentially what’s happening.

As Breitbart shares, an “extensive report by Capital Research (CR), a conservative watchdog minding non-profit organizations, shows a long history of leftism by the foundation created by the man who founded the Michigan-based breakfast giant, Kellogg’s.”

The foundation itself was initially founded to “provide health care, healthy foods, and services for children in rural areas of the country, while working towards its goal to help Americans achieve self-reliance,” Breitbart Notes.

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happening at all.

So what is the Kellogg Foundation doing with all of its money?

“It supports trendy, left-wing causes that contend America is a hopelessly racist country, along with groups that wage war on the free markets that the great capitalist Kellogg championed while alive,” Breitbart adds.

We’re not talking about chump change either, as the report notes that “the foundation distributed nearly 2,000 grants totalling $268,065,253” in 2015, according to Breitbart.

As you would expect, some of the faces of leftism have had their hands extended to gleefully look for handouts to advance their pet causes.

“Kellogg also gave $930,000 to Black Lives Matter and millions to the Clintons and Soros,” Breitbart adds.

Let’s all keep this in mind next time we go cereal shopping, as those brands we all crave suddenly sound a whole lot less appealing.


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‘Censorship-Free’ Social Media Platform Given Five Days To Find A New Registrar Or Go Dark




Social media website has been battling other tech giants on the internet world to preserve its “Free Speech” platform.

It seems that now the tech industry is firing back.

Yesterday, Gab posted a screen shot of the email sent by the legal team at their current domain registrar Asia Registry.

The email stated “Asia Registry’s End User Agreement, Terms and Service and Abuse Policy prohibit use of a domain name for an unlawful purpose.”

The statement continues, “Asia Registry is an Australian company, and he website at <> violates Australian federal and state anti-discrimination laws, which prohibit public vilification on the basis of race, religion, or ethnic origin. Asia Registry’s Abuse Policy specifically prohibits use of a domain name in a matter that is discriminatory or hateful.”

Asia Registry claims that it “has the right to cancel any domain name which breaches its terms and conditions (see End User Agreement, “Rights of Registrar”).”

Asia Registry invited to transfer their domain name to a different registrar and warned “If you do not do so within 5 days, Asia registry will cancel your domain name registration.”

This is not the first time has felt the pressure from tech companies. In an interview given to Mike Cernovich on September 11th, Gab CEO Andrew Torba stated “If something is not done soon, these companies arguably, right now, have more power, more data, more control, than even our own government. And that is scary.”

Here is the exclusive Mike Cernovich interview with Gab CEO Andrew Torba on Internet control and censorship.




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California Lawmakers Pass Resolution Demanding Trump Apologize For Winning The 2016 Election




Out of touch politicians wasting taxpayers time and dollars to pass nonsense resolutions is not a new phenomenon, but this outrageous example clearly demonstrates how big of a problem it is.

As The Daily Caller explains, “California state lawmakers passed a resolution Saturday that “requires” President Donald Trump to formally apologize for his time in the White House.”

Alright. So it’s no secret that liberal leadership in the state of California is no fan of Trump’s, but exactly what is accomplished here with this egregious waste of time? As they see it, plenty.

“The resolution was part of a larger string of bills and resolutions passed by the Democratic-controlled legislature that aimed to define the progressive state as the ‘leader of the resistance,'” The Daily Caller notes.

Hmmm. So what about all of the residents of California that aren’t members of this so-called resistance? Are they supposed to climb on board the anti-Trump train?

It sure sounds like it, at least if you listen to California Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon.

“There’s real lives at stake … and I think that a lot of other municipalities, as well as other states, are looking towards California … to be the leader of this resistance,” he said in a public statement, according to The Daily Caller.

You really can’t make this stuff up. You would imagine there would be dozens – if not hundreds – of other issues that would be more pressing to deal with in a Saturday meeting of the state legislature. Instead, the leftists decided to get together to exchange high fives and back slaps while spouting off their political talking points for the umpteenth time.

It would be lovely to be able to just laugh this off as another example of out of touch Leftists, but this is happening on taxpayer’s time and at their expense. That’s nothing to laugh about, and each and every member of the legislature that wasted time on this nonsense needs to be held accountable during the next election cycle.

The Daily Caller

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