Video: NYT’s Bret Stephens Compares Rex Tillerson To Genocidal Dictator Pol Pot

During this morning's airing of MSNBC's Morning Joe, New York Times political commentator and NBC political contributor Bret Stephens compared Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Pol Pot, the brutal Cambodian dictator who killed between 1 to 3 million people through execution and policies...

Watters: Maybe Democrats Want To Remove Confederate Statues So We Forget It Was Them Who Enslaved Blacks

During yesterday's broadcast of Watters' World, Fox News host Jesse Watters voiced his opinion on the leftist effort to tear down Confederate statues around the country, suggesting the furor is rooted in a desire to trick the world into forgetting the Democratic Party's role...

NRA CEO Launches Vicious Assault On The Horrendously Mistrusted MSM

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has released a video featuring a fiery rant from CEO Wayne LaPierre about why the typically anti-gun mainstream media has never been less trusted in American history. LaPierre – a Trump ally known for his tendency to, as The Guardian...