Exclusive: Candace Owens Vows To Fire Back Following Censorship Of Her Video Criticizing BLM - Mike Cernovich
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Exclusive: Candace Owens Vows To Fire Back Following Censorship Of Her Video Criticizing BLM




Candace Owens, known online as Red Pill Black, has vowed to fight back following the social media censorship of a video she posted criticizing a discriminatory campaign started by a Black Lives Matter activist.

As Cernovich Media previously reported, Owens was told that her video – titled “WTF? Black Lives Matter Has A List Of Demands For White People!” – violated YouTube’s guidelines and would be taken down from the video sharing platform.

Owens – a young, African-American conservative woman – proceeded to upload the video to Facebook, where it was also flagged and promptly removed.

Speaking with Cernovich Media by phone earlier today, Owens stated that she “kind of expected” censorship to happen to her sooner or later – but not this soon.

“I’m just really surprised,” she added. “My channel’s been up for a month. I’m just surprised at how fast it was. I figured I’d slip under the radar for a little.”

‘Slip under the radar’ is the exact opposite of what Owens has done since her video’s censorship.

The incident has earned her plenty of attention online; she’s appeared on Infowars and received support from well-known conservative voices like @PeterSweden7.

During her conversation with Cernovich Media today, Owens stated she intends to use that attention as a means of holding social media platforms accountable.

“I’m going to put some heat on them,” she said. “These are the platforms that say they care about black people, minorities and Muslims.”

She proceeded to question why, then, said platforms feel the need to censor minorities who push their community to think critically about itself as she did in her video criticizing Black Lives Matter.

“In terms of my commentary, I called her [BLM activist Chanelle Helm] petulant but I kept it very high brow,” she said, of the clip., adding that she didn’t call Helm any names.

“I just made an appeal that I stand by. Somehow that violates Facebook’s guidelines – inspiring black people to be smart.”

In the wake of the attention, Owens’ video was eventually restored to YouTube – without explanation.

Owens stated that all strikes also appear to have been removed from her account.

Owens further stated that she will continue to upload her videos to YouTube in the hopes of exposing people to alternative viewpoints.

“Right now the people on the left are using those platforms,” she said. “I’m trying to wake up people that are sleeping. That’s where the battle has to be won.”

Owens also stated that, as an African-American, she is proud to stand up for her white friends and criticize her own community in a way that might seem to risky for an outsider to do.

“If white people defend themselves they’re called a white nationalist and a KKK member,” she told Cernovich Media today.

“You almost have to be ashamed to be white or accept that you’re going to be called a KKK member.”

Still, Owens’ blackness doesn’t mean she’s free to express her conservative ideals without criticism from the black community.

“Some people said ‘you’re not allowed to criticize black people as a black person,'” she told Cernovich Media in reference to comments on her video critical of Black Lives Matter’s list of demands for white people.

“I disagree. We have evolved into a thoughtful, intelligent crowd. I want to distance myself from that narrative that all we can do is be gangsters or angry.”

“It’s just kind of holding a mirror and letting people understand that it’s gotten really, really out of control.”

Check out Candace Owens’ latest video for more of her thoughts on censorship, life as a black conservative and the current state of America.

You can follow Candace Owens on Twitter here and on Facebook here.


Vice, Newsweek Silent After Journalist Accused Of Robbing, Injuring A Woman At Cernovich Event



Vice, Newsweek and The Guardian remain silent after a journalist claiming to work for the media outlets was accused of robbing a woman and injuring her in the process outside Mike Cernovich’s Columbia University event in New York on Monday evening.

As New York Daily News reports, police arrested 30-year-old Arvind Dilawar – who now faces robbery and possession of stolen property charges – outside the event after he allegedly ripped a cellphone out of a 34-year-old woman’s hands and ran off.

As Mike Cernovich reported earlier today via Twitter, that woman is believed to be a journalist who was covering the protest outside Mike Cernovich’s event.

As of earlier this afternoon, Dilawar’s website – which is currently password protected – lists him as a writer for The Guardian, Vice and Newsweek.

Those outlets have not responded to requests for comment from Cernovich Media related to the incident.

Specifically, Cernovich Media wanted to know how those outlets were handling the serious allegations aimed at Dilawar. The writer himself has also not responded to a request from Cernovich Media for comment.

The circumstances surrounding Dilawar’s alleged theft remain unclear but an account from at least one other journalist covering last night’s protest outside Columbia University indicates that alt-leftists were less than welcoming towards journalists.

The hostility appears to have been rooted in a fear of having their faces exposed to the public – probably not an unfounded fear considering the infamous tale of one Eric Clanton.

Despite attempts by the alt-left to disrupt Mike Cernovich’s event at Columbia yesterday, the Gorilla Mindset author’s speech went more or less smoothly. Catch the full speech below.


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Marketing for Men

An Honest Book Review of Mike Cernovich’s Gorilla Mindset



The first time I heard of author, filmmaker, and journalist Mike Cernovich, I had stumbled across a youtube video about a year ago. I quickly found myself laughing at his direct, sometimes over the top analysis of life, the world, and politics.

What kept me watching was that he was humorous and witty, yet actually had a message that struck home. I watched his videos for a while and found that when I trolled his comments I kept seeing a book title pop up in the discussion.

Gorilla Mindset? What is that? When I read the description online I thought, “I wonder if this is one of those gimmicky, generic self-help books that I used to see on late night infomercials?”

But after watching Mike’s other content online I decided that I would buy the book. If I didn’t like it I still knew that the funds may help to support the broader message that Cernovich was spreading. So I showed my support by buying what I like to call “culture war bonds.” I started with the Audiobook. I am a busy guy and sometimes it is hard for me to find the time to sit down and read a book. But I can almost always find time to listen to one. Whether I am at work or in the car, audiobooks make it easy for me to keep up on my reading list, even on the go.

After I ordered the book I put in my cheap knockoff earbuds and pressed play. I was immediately greeted with that signature Cernovich voice that I had heard countless times on YouTube.

I quickly realized after listening to a couple chapters that this was not like other self-help books. It was a direct, concise, and common sense approach to changing not just my behavior habits but also the way in which I was choosing to view the world. I have never been a gym rat and still don’t work out nearly as much as I should, but the book contained a lot of small things about my health that I had never considered before. Things that are very easily adopted and implemented with almost no disruption to my current daily routine, and still yield measurable results.

What really struck me was the way at which Mike chose to define the “Gorilla Mindset.” I have always considered myself more of a cerebral person over a jock-type guy. I’ve read books explaining the importance of self-reflection and setting goals, mental and physical. But the way Mike breaks it all down in simple, easy to understand language really made it absorbable. I learned things in the book that still affect my outlook on life, and that helped shape the way at which I choose to manage the everyday stresses that I face.

I adopted a few of the techniques and applied them to my daily routine. I found out right away the profound changes that can take place once you alter your mindset. Conversations became easier and I found myself more confident in confrontational environments. I found myself not getting caught up by the little things in life that may have previously been a thorn in my side.

I don’t just endorse books to endorse books. I actually have to believe that the book is good. I have to actually believe that someone can benefit from reading it, before recommending it to a friend or loved one. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions but I will just publicly state that by adopting these techniques my life has changed dramatically for the better. I was able to leave my old thankless job, step out of my comfort zone and begin pursuing an entirely new career path. One that has already begun to yield me success and a brighter, more fulfilling life for myself and my family.

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EXCLUSIVE: Cerno News Releases “Shitty Men In Media List” Updates as they come.



Several female journalists have accused their male colleagues of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and worse. They have been compiling their accusations in what has been dubbed the Shitty Men in Media List. BuzzFeed broke the story about the existence of the list, but no one has made the full list public.

Shitty Men In Media Full List (Updates Coming)

The allegations on the spreadsheet range from “flirting” and “weird lunch dates“ to accusations of rape, assault, stalking, harassment, and physical violence. What these things have in common is that they remind women, particularly vulnerable women, that they are not in power.

Mike Cernovich of Cernovich Media has obtained the full Shitty Men in Media List and will be publishing it in full. However, Cernovich wants to give the men accused of sexual misconduct time to reply. We will be updating this page frequently.

  • Disclaimer: This list has been in circulation for several weeks, and the accusations are anonymous. Cernovich Media does not claim these accusations are true, and instead is reporting on the existence on the list and the accusations contained there. We encourage our readers to reserve judgment

Sam Biddle, formerly of Gawker and currently at The Intercept, is on the Shitty Men in Media List.

Sam Biddle, formerly of Gawker, became famous for creating an online hate mob against Justine Sacco, a private citizen who made an ironic joke. As a result of Biddle’s actions, Sacco was threatened with death and rape. She had to leave the Internet and has tried to rebuild her life. How does Sam Biddle treat women in real life?

According to the Shitty Men in Media List – which includes anonymous accusations – Sam Biddle has engaged in the following behavior:
“Inappropriate communication, harassment, inappropriate digital contact, sexual assault, followed someone into a bathroom and tried to masturbate in front of them.”

Sam Biddle is also an advocate of bullying, famously Tweeting that “Nerds should be constantly shamed and degraded into submission.”

Cernovich Media emailed Biddle as well as his editor Glenn Greenwald for comment. We have not received a reply as of press time.
We will update this article with any reply from Sam Biddle and others, and will post their full reply.

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