4Chan's /pol/ Investigates Alt-Left Terrorists, Doing Work Of The FBI - Mike Cernovich
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4Chan’s /pol/ Investigates Alt-Left Terrorists, Doing Work Of The FBI




The infamous 4chan board /pol/ been digging into the inner workings of the alt-left terrorist group Antifa, and they are aiming for arrests.

Months ago, 4chan users identified the masked Antifa terrorist that smashed a bike lock over the head of a Trump supporter in California. By using the exposed portion of the terrorist’s face, /pol/ found that he was none other than Eric Clanton, a now-fired ethics professor at Diablo Valley College.

Clanton was arrested based on the information uncovered by /pol/, and he is currently facing a trial that could result in decades of prison time.

As it turns out, /pol/ was only just getting started. Read the epic thread below, in which the Twitter account “polreport” unveils how the online message board has essentially been doing the work of the FBI to uncover the hierarchy and methodology of Antifa, which has already been classified as a domestic terrorist organization.

Take it away ‘polreport’ –



Man Behind Swastika Painting At University Of Maryland Revealed As African-American



In a report by The Daily Caller published 10/16/2017 the outlet covered a report exposing yet another foiled hate crime hoax. Court documents stating that 52-year-old Ronald Alford Sr. was responsible for spray painting a swastika inside a residence hall at the University of Maryland in September.

At first glance, it would appear to be a malicious hate crime perpetrated by an ignorant white supremacist. The is just one problem. Alford is African American.

Fox5 reports, “University of Maryland police say 52-year-old Ronald Alford Sr. was served a criminal summons on Thursday and faces several charges including destruction of property and disturbing the operations of a school. Alford will not be allowed back on campus.”

Given the history of these kinds of incidents, had Alford not been caught, we would see front page articles in the mainstream media lambasting the rise of neo-nazism in America.

No doubt they would coincidently mention President Donald Trump and blame his ‘America First’ policies as the cause of this atrocious crime.

If you expect to see the articles on the front page now, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Hate crime hoaxes have been pushed by the media over and over again. Making an initial sensational splash before being quietly retracted once the facts come out and the incident turns out to be a staged stunt, perpetrated by an unstable social justice warrior. By the time the articles are corrected, the narrative has already been furnished.

Cernovich.com firmly believes in fighting racism and bigotry. The hoax crimes are a detriment in the efforts to actually combat these issues. They take attention away from actual hate crimes and marginalize those victimized by intolerance.

The Daily Caller

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Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library: Where Satanic Drag Queens Read To Children



On Saturday, drag performer Xochi Mochi was featured as a guest reader to children as part of the Drag Queen Story Hour. Drag Queen Story Hour is a program implemented at the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, CA. Mochi addressed the children in a full horned headdress complete with demonic style.

The description of the event was listed as follows.

“Location: Michelle Obama Library Date: 10/14/2017 Time: 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Join us for a celebration of LGBTQ History Month! All ages welcome! Celebration will include: Drag Queen Story Hour featuring Xochi Mochi at 12pm, a community art hour at 1pm and an LGBTQ History Timeline Workshop starting at 2pm. Brought to you by a collaboration between the Long Beach Public Library, The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach, the GSA Network and The Imperial Court of Long Beach.”

An image of Mochi reading to the children quickly went viral. Creating widespread controversy on the event, the choice of costume, and the state of our current educational system. Mochi posted an image and description on his social media page.

A very enthusiastic supporter of the event was the official Church of Satan. They Tweeted “Hail Satan” with a link to the library’s tweet. It is not surprising as the headdress worn by the event’s guest reader was dressed and made up exactly like a demon. The only logical conclusion that one can draw is that Michelle Obama supports events that encourage a satanic message and use drag queens as indoctrination props on vulnerable children.

An outspoken critic of the event is Republican Congressional candidate Omar Navarro. Navarrow is currently challenging incumbent Democrat Maxine Waters in California’s 9th District.

Navarro tweeted this in response.

This obviously calls into question the current state of our education system. When does the extreme leftist propaganda cross a line?

I am all for progress, but when did progress start being dressed as demons, endorsed by The Church Of Satan, and marketed toward infants and small children? I don’t think this question is out of the realm of reasonable discourse.

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Even Grown Men Are Now Speaking Out About The Abuse They’ve Faced At The Hands Of Hollywood Perverts



Lately, the news cycle has been completely dominated by stories of young vulnerable women being exploited by powerful actors and moguls such as Ben Affleck and Harvey Weinstein.

But it seems that Hollywood hasn’t just been a hotbed of “casting couch” misconduct towards women. Male Hollywood celebrities are also starting to trickle forward with their own claims of, sexual assault. Actor Terry Crews came forward earlier this week claiming that a high profile Hollywood titan groped his genitals at a party. Has his story empowered other male actors to overcome the perceived stigma of male sexual assault?

Actor Terry Crews came forward earlier this week claiming that a high profile Hollywood titan groped his genitals at a party. Has his story empowered other male actors to overcome the perceived stigma of male sexual assault?

James Van Der Beek, former star of hit show “Dawson’s Creek” has come forward claiming in a series of tweets, that he was also a victim of sexual abuse. The star spoke out against Weinstein’s acts as “criminal” and “unacceptable,” and claimed that as a young actor he “had [his] ass grabbed by older, powerful men.”

This last tweet caught my attention for a different reason than the rest.

Van Der Beek made the claim that 2 individuals “were later charged (by others) & punished.” They allegedly assaulted James and he never came forward for those incidents. Could that mean that more victims are out there who are afraid to come forward?

The second point in this tweet states, “the other has since died.” Again, I raise the question – why does that matter?

Does the death of a predator negate his past crimes or give any of the victim’s justice? What about the others involved. Shouldn’t they face exposure for their crimes?

How are we supposed to confront and address the seemingly systematic sexual impropriety of an industry, when people who know information are afraid to speak out? Even after their accusers have “since died.” How do these predators hold so much power over their victims, even after death?

Cernovich.com will continue to ask these difficult questions to get to the bottom of this Hollywood sex abuse scandal and encourages anyone with information to come forward. The time has come to address the star-studded elephant in the room.

If you don’t come forward for yourself, do it for those who haven’t escaped the clutches of their abusers.

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